Packaging & Design

Our team of graphic designers will assist you throughout the packaging processs by ensuring

Your product's packaging delivers what your brand represents across all channels, and the customers.
Your brand, logo, and colors are eye catching. Most importantly recognizable by others.

We offer:

Vertical form filled seal bags
Day Style Bags
Gusseted Bags
Pillow Bags

Our vetted QA experts will make sure the packaging process meet our safety standards. Including

- Protecting your chips from damage and contamination from micro-organisms, air, and moisture.

- We only use ink made from the highest quality food grade ingredients for our packaging.

- Even during transit and in store delivery, preventing spilling and tampering.


Every customer has a specific need. Our team of expert FDA compliance specialists will help you select the right credentials. Such as certifications and claims to communicate with your target audience(s). This includes the potential for:

Non GMO Project Verification
No artificial flavors or colors 
Plant Based
Excellent Source of Protein
All Natural