About us

About us

We are creating a path to a better, a healthier, and most importantly, a tastier future. We know
snacks. All we need to do is learn about you. We take each step with you so you don't lose time,
money or quality creating the snack you want. We may even exceed your expectations.

Each of our staff is an expert in their field. Researching new ideas, current trends and innovative
technology to help your products stay at the top of the market. We work in sync with each
other and you to provide a service and the product fit for your dreams.

We research and source our ingredients with strategic partners to ensure only the finest
ingredients are used to make the best quality snacks. We are dedicated to developing
innovative better-for-you snacks foods so that our clients and their customers can enjoy a
delicious snack.

Our Start

We knew starting a private label snack manufacturing company would be a drastic move
during the pandemic. Along with Duogreen, Inc, we began preparations with a snacking brand
of cassava chip called Nova Crisps back in 2017. Its sustained success has made it a natural
stepping stone to go beyond the conceptualization of Live Well Snacks and turn it into a reality.
We deliver a broad range of popped, healthy, delicious, and high-quality better-for-you snacks
that nourishes life's little and big moments.

Our Brand

We are proud of our branded products, Novacrisp and Flying Poptatoes. Novacrisp is a cassava
based snack that is grain-free, vegan certified, and non-gmo. It is focused on giving our
consumers a healthier alternative snack. Our newest brand, Flying Poptatoes, is a twist on the
traditional fried potato chips. We pop our potato chips, so we can give new life in a classic
taste. Our brands are proof of our commitment to making quality and delicious snacks.