Making Your Better-for-you
 Snacks is Our Specialty

Streamlining the better-for-you snack making process, so you can focus on your customer's cravings

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About us 

We are creating a path to a better, a healthier, and most importantly, a tastier future.

We know snacks. All we need to do is learn about you. We take each step with you so you don't lose time, money or quality creating the snack you want. We may even exceed your expectations. Each of our staff is an expert in their field. Researching new ideas, current trends and innovative technology to help your products stay at the top of the market. We work in sync with each other and you to provide a service and the product fit for your dreams. We research and source our ingredients from a critical selection of strategic partners. We are dedicated to developing innovative better-for-you snacks foods so that our clients and their customers can enjoy a delicious snack.

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Quality at
Every Step

Every process matters, as we firmly believe that 'quality is not an act, but it is a habit'. Our quality assurance is embeded in every step of our innovation. 

Sourcing Ingredients from selected strategic partners

You deserve the best, and only the best. No more dealing with the hassle of complex supply chain issues. We streamline the ingredient-sourcing process for you.

Utilizing Only the Most Conscientious Suppliers

We don't want to compromise on our core values and ethics. We ensure all our suppliers are in accordance to our requirements as well as yours.

Rigorous Food
Safety Program

We're not just a manufacturer, but your partner who actually cares about your customer's health. We apply rigorous food safety standards to our production.

Snack Development

Base / Size / Flavors 

Air popped snacks are light and crisp and all without the grease.
They are quickly emerging in the market as the preferred choice of snack over fried and baked.
 Livewell Snacks specializes in Popped technology and is the Premier Private Label leader for Popped savory snack products.

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The start of it all is the base ingredient.
It provides crispness and lightness that consumers are looking for.
It is what drives the flavors.





Sweet potatoes


We carry five amazing flavors like BBQ, Honey BBQ, Maui Onion, Sweet Chili, and our original Sea Salt.
If you are looking for additional flavors, we can make it sweet to spicy,
let us know if you have a specific flavor in mind and we can make your taste buds to reality.


Maui Onion

Sea Salt

Cinnamon Sugar


Quality Assurance

| SQF Certified  | GMP program | 
| Full HACCP plan
|Allergy-friendly Manufacturers |

We make it a point to keep your products safe and ensure they fit you and your customers' needs.
That’s why we provide a variety of certifications for your products so ensure that you can focus on giving
what your customers want instead of paperwork.

Packaging & Design

Your packaging is important

The package design is as important as what is inside the package. Catching the eye of a consumer is the first point to leading to a sale. Our graphic designers are with you at each step of the packaging process to ensure your packaging and brand align together.

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