Snack Development

We provide a comprehensive standard structure that will reduce the creation process, yet enough to make any combination unique to their brand.   We work with you step by step from choosing the base grain to packaging the snack for your business.  

To further understand our process, please continue reading.

Base Grain / Add-ins / Texture / Shape & size / Flavoring & seasonings /  Packaging

Base Ingredient____________________________________________________________________________________________

We use pelletized grains, rather than flour which is extracted into a dough and then turned into pellets. You might ask, what’s the difference? For one thing pelletized grains have a better texture and taste. While both may seem similar at a glance, the way they are processed makes it quite different.  


Add- ins________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ad-ins not only carries visual appeal, but it also translates an image into a taste.  If you ever had sesame seeds before, just the mere sight of it allows your imagination to interpret how something would taste.  Even though it might not reflect reality.  

We can add, Sesame, flax, pumpkin, and others. 


The taste alone can only take the novelty of your creation so far. The nuances in texture can make your crisps even better. Depending on how you want to develop your texture, we have developed a proven framework to get that right amount of pressure and heat faster. Without saying, we have the facilities to create the perfect crisp for you.


Shape and Size______________________________________________________________________________________

Another thing to consider is the shape and size. The taste and texture might be the perfect pairing for hors d'oeuvres, dips or even made for a certain dish. A millimeter can be the difference from the best and the worst idea.