Our Story

We strive to be a healthier alternative snack brand, bridging the gap between taste and well-being. We believe that our bodies come first and we prioritize values that guide us to a better, healthier future with our cassava crisps.

Nowadays it seems almost impossible to find a snack that is healthy but also tasty

Many snacks are high in calories, fat and/or sodium which can lead to weight gain and health complications. Keeping this in mind, Novacrisp uses natural ingredients like cassava flour, spices, herbs and sea salt. Our crisps are not only low in calories (only 110 per serving) but they also contain no cholesterol or trans fats! With a variety of flavors, you are guaranteed to find one that you’ll love!

That’s why we created our tasty plant-based cassava crisps

Aside from the low amounts of fat, cassava crisps forgo the use of nuts, gluten, & lactose so people with particular allergies can enjoy them too! Our products are certified vegan, kosher, and non-gmo meaning that anyone and everyone can enjoy our snacks.

So Why Cassava?

During trial and production, countless hours were spent trying to figure out how we can produce a snack that is more health conscious than the average potato chip. With tons of experiments being done we’ve come to create the perfect snack centered around the cassava root. This came to be as cassava contains 18 times more Vitamin E, 5 times more Vitamin A, higher amounts of Vitamin B2, Folate, Calcium, Carbs, and Zinc than potatoes making a chip that is filling, nutrient rich, and delicious. We've got you covered wherever life brings you. At work, strolling the streets of the city, or doing what you love.

Air-popping and its benefits

Air popped snacks are manufactured by superheating a set of ingredients at high pressure and temperatures until they “pop” forgoing any use of oils or unnecessary fattening ingredients in the processes of production. Not only does this mean you are left with a more health conscious snack but air popping also ensures a thick crispy bite for every single bite!

Life’s like a balancing act. Full of difficult decisions where you have to make the best choice for yourself Let our analytics be a testament to the best choice you can make when it comes to snacking







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We are novacrisp.
in cooperation with live well snacks, we create top of the line snacks for us and our sister company ensuring taste and quality

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