Flavor Profiles

We continuously test and develop new and mouth watering flavors.  As we continue developing more flavors, we will make it available for our clients.  The beauty of this is, our clients get to spend less time developing their own flavor, and spend more time towards other important money making decisions.  We reiterate and improve our flavors consistently so it will never be out of style.  

Snack flavors___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We currently provide 4 flavors, 

- Sea Salt

- Maui Onion

- BBQ 

- White Cheddar

We would love to make your very own flavor; however, it is quite a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. To minimize the rate of errors, so we can guarantee a high quality snacking experience, we currently do not customize flavors for individual customers. Please keep in mind, we will continuously be developing new flavors, and as we get more requests from our customers, we will try to incorporate them into our offerings.