Amazon Fulfillment

We also provide services such as,

- FBA Shipment to Amazon Fulfillment Center

MFN (FBM): Shipment directly to Customer



We provide two methods: The first, FBA, which we will package and directly ship to Amazon from our facility.  The second method will be shipped directly to the customer.   

Our services provide hands free, and fluid logistics.  No more managing inventory, and paying for double shipping costs associated with transportation from our facility to your warehouse, and then to the customer or Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Which will leave you more time to spend on growing your business.   


Step 1: Amazon Fulfillment Guidelines

We know far too well that running a business is hard enough. So, why make it even more complicated by adding yet another hurdle? When a client plans to sell on Amazon, we work with them to ensure a smooth transition to Amazon's FBA. That includes following Amazon's "Fulfilled by Amazon" guidelines. Also known as, "FBA Guidelines". This includes logging:

Quantity of mastercases
Quantity of finished product mastercases
Quantity of pallets
Weight of pallets

Step 2: We Ship Our Clients Products to Amazon Warehouses.

After we register the FBA information, our shipping partners will prepare the orders. Getting our clients' shipments ready for transit from our facility to Amazon warehouses. This includes:

Labelling each product with its own barcode
Packaging each product to Amazon’s specific standards
We will then report the quantity of mastercases and pallets we will ship out for our clients to Amazon. Then, Amazon will log this information into the Amazon Seller Central database.
Afterwards, Amazon will send over Amazon Case Labels and Pallet Labels. Which, we will apply to each mastercase for receipt in Amazon's warehouses.

Step 3: When the Shipment Arrive At Amazon Warehouses, they will store and track inventory.

Our clients' products arrive at the Amazon warehouses. Amazon will then sort our clients' inventory. Afterwards, based on the geographic demend for the product(s), Amazon will distribute the inventory to the appropriate distribution centers.


Step 4: Clients Add Their Amazon Listings Online

As soon as our clients' mastercases arrives at Amazon's warehouses, it is then entered into Amazon's database. This allows our clients to activate their listing, start advertising, and finally sell!


Step 5: Amazon Fulfills Our Clients Orders and Ships Them to The Customers'

At this point, it is a hand free process for our clients. Whenever an order comes through on Amazon, every item in the order is then processed and prepared for shipping. Amazon then provides the shipping status to both our clients and their customers. This allows our clients the freedom to focus on growing their brands!

PLEASE NOTE:  If a client chooses to opt out of selling on Amazon, they will have to route their orders through other DSF (Drop Shipping Fulfillment) centers.


Merchant Fulfillment Network (Amazon)

We provide MFN services as well. Since, we manufacture your products and then deliver them to your customers who order from Amazon, the lead time will be reduced initially.