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Duogreen, the parent company of LiveWellSnacks, had a grand vision to making healthy snacking options for future generations.  But, our vision is not only to make healthy snacks taste amazing, but to make air popped snacks the preferred method for consumers.  It all started with a dream, a dream to disrupt the way people think about what they eat.  We are leading the way to a better, healthier, and most importantly tasty future.  We knew that starting out with a manufacturing company would be drastic move especially without a proof of concept.  So, Duogreen began preparations with a snacking brand called Nova Crisps back in 2017.  Its sustained success made it a natural steppingstone to go beyond the conceptualization of LiveWellSnacks and turn it into a reality.  We deliver a broad range of air popped, healthy, delicious, and high-quality snacks that nourishes life’s little and big moments.    

We understand both sides of running a business, having to be at the mercy of the manufacturer.  There’s little to no control over the quality.  At LiveWellSnacks we are committed to high quality manufacturing and rigid quality controls to keeping the highest standards you deserve.